Love, Life & Marriage.. In a Metro

Love, Life & Marriage.. In a Metro


Rashmi Anand





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178 mins

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Book Description

This story is about two people who fell in love during college. After college, they marry, but reality soon hits their lives. And they realised that things were not going well. The girl decides to live separately, but the boy cannot accept that they are no longer together. It shatters his life. To overcome this, he goes to his aunt’s place in Singapore for a month. He lives there, meets some interesting people, makes good friends, and explores Singapore. He was about to get laid with the girl interested in him. But nothing happened that night. The next morning he felt guilty about the incident and went to Phuket for two days. He met a woman dumped by her husband, whom she loved madly. After spending time with her and sharing stories, he realised that he had to clear all differences with his wife and they should live happily.

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