And The Jhelum Flows

And The Jhelum Flows


Ramendra Kumar





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167 mins

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Book Description

The protagonist of and the Jhelum flows. Is Kashmir itself. The novel looks at the lost paradise with empathy and concern, Shunning easy cliches. It goes beyond the binary divisions of black and white in which the Kashmir issue is usually depicted and instead shows the various shades of grey in between. It is the story of innocent Kashmir's: the mother who searches for her missing son, the father who dies for his daughter, the young bride murdered on the eve of her wedding, the student tortured and driven to suicide, the obsession with revenge, the betrayal of trust, the loss of innocence. And the Jhelum flows. Weaves together several narratives to create a moving portrait of a land marked by hatred, fear, violence, and suspicion, where despite all the pain and sorrow, there is yet optimism for a better tomorrow. The picture that the novel paints is a reflection of the reality in other parts of the country where peace is under siege and hope is the last resort.

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