When Jai Met Piaa

When Jai Met Piaa







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"You cannot quit the job, Miss Mathur," Jai thundered. "You bet I can, Mr Malhotra," Piaa shot back. "You have no sense of gratitude." 'And you, Mr Malhotra, have no manners." There were two things Piaa was sure about her boss, Jai Malhotra. First, he was the most self-absorbed, arrogant person she had ever met. Second, he was the most irresistibly handsome man she had ever seen. Jai had everything in his life except love. He did not believe in it until he saw Piaa. And that became a problem. He wanted her, but could not say it. She saw it in his eyes, but the words wouldn't come out of his lips. Jai and Piaa. Two different people. Two different worlds. Brought together by destiny and separated by love. When Jai Met Piaa is the story of two people trying to find love in each other in the unlikeliest of ways. Will they overcome the twists of fate and find that love? Or will it tear them apart?

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