Case Files of The Dead

Case Files of The Dead


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Welcome to a mysterious land where ghosts. Ghouls and spirits rule. Welcome to a place where haunted houses and evil souls will make a shiver run down your spine. A spooky tale in the scenic hills of Mussoorie awaits you while uncanny happenings in a literary competition are sure to intrigue you. The case of a mysterious white Maruti baffles everyone, even as the unsuspecting jogger experiences something he had never bargained for. A group of friends will encounter the worst terror of their lives while nightmares of his death rack the young man! Author's In and The Book Bakers present an eclectic mix of true stories, legends, and fables that have often been a part of India's folklore—armed with some of the best authors in India's paranormal literature history. CASE FILES OF THE DEAD; India's first pure horror public anthology will turn every host into (G)Host!!!

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