Suvigya Sahu





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Childhood is simple but teenagerhood is difficult not for the children only but for their parents too. This isthe story about a sincere girl Surveen. Surveen always believed in their parent's points of view in her life. When she entered the teenage phase of her life she started thinking about their point of view towards things. Surveen's parents and Surveen's point of view didn't match all the time. Parents need to understand the teenagers. In the teenage phase, Not only body organ development happening there is mental development too. Different hormones rush into the body of teenagers. But what happens when the simple sincere Surveen turn into a fun-loving girl and started hiding things from parents. roaming with sly friends and started bunking the class. She started feeling the love emotion toward someone. What will happen in Surveen's life next? Does she spoil her school life? Or does Surveen made mistakes in peer influence? or Can Surveen able to find her way of life?

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