Unread 2020

Unread 2020


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Book Description

Unread is an anthology published by platform for artists featuring 99 writers across the country who have shared their writings in the form of poetry and short stories. It contains both English and Hindi writings which is a collection of diverse experiences, emotions, and knowledge shared by the writers. To name a few, we have a man deep Singh, helly Shah, Mehak Mirza Prabhu, aakash ranison, Naveen kukreja, shakti Shetty, Abbas Dalal and others who are looked up to by thousands of aspiring writers the 100th title of the book is kept blank for the reader to be a part of the book and complete it with their art. You can write, draw, paint, sketch or even stick pictures to express your creativity on the last part. This makes the book very dynamic and inclusive which is the spirit of platform for artists since the start. The entire project was intended to be experimental as well as collaborative hence the book cover was designed by nine different designers as a relay of creative expressions where it was passed on from one to the other to add their element. You can know more about the book through www.Pfaindia.Com/unread. Feel free to connect with us via Instagram/ face book @platform for artists to share your reviews. Happy unreading!.

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