London Calling India : The Saga of Humanism

London Calling India : The Saga of Humanism


Nimesh Sommanek





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London calling India is a story over the top of 2 nations that is humanity. Developed countries like America and London are calling the Indians in the name of friendship, love, jobs, labour and skills. In the Mid of that, an Indian guy who is not a patriot left India for years because of some situations and became a very successful athlete in the land of another nation, London. Few media persons and political parties found him as his countryman based on his skill and tried to bring him back to India from London. He comes to India with some perception in mind, but when he meets a very patriotic girl Megha, in Delhi, his perception goes wrong about a few things. Megha, who was a very diehard fan of this person a few years ago, is not interested in hanging out with him When he is actually in front of her. Their self-concerned attitude compelled them to stay and talk, which led them on a roller coaster ride in India. Various lovable situations occur between them when two different-minded persons meet; later on, they find that both are correct in their attitudes. The NRI guy convinced a cultured and serene girl with his utterly different attitude toward the world. When everything was in place for a very happy marriage ceremony, they Messed up between love, friendship, patriotism, first love, social status, and one-sided love. When Megan is stuck between evils in London, as a modern Indian woman, she faces all things very tactfully. Naman was following the footstep of mega and vice-versa. They both were trying to achieve the goal of each other to find their love back. When destiny meets again after years, Megha also becomes a successful philanthropist. Because of pure love and friendship, fate meets with the reciprocal attitude of Naman and Megan.

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