Pie In The Sky

Pie In The Sky





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What happens when you are too much obsessed with story books � you read read and read. Come.. let�s get lost into the fantasy world as this book worm did and see what she went through. Malini Venkataraman as known to the world but for us she is fondly called as kadhakatti meaning storycreater/churner in Tamil Ever since she started to speak, she would narrate incidents in the most expressive manner� That slowly paved her interest into creative writing which led her to indulge in writing tiny short stories� Some of her poems and short stories are published in online platforms and magazines. Adding feather to her cap, one of her story on environmental awareness has been included as a part of curriculum in Cambridge Global English Learner�s book level 4 (edition 2020). She is currently a student of Lakshmi School, Madurai.

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