Crosshatch of Time

Crosshatch of Time


Aswin T Dev





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200 mins

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Book Description

Trust, a simple five letter word but a strong one which plays a major role in everyone life. This story is both a fairy tale and a story that shows the reality that life is not always a fairy tale. This tale is about two people, the coincidences in their life leading to different Phase in life. Their journey reaches an abrupt halt due to the distrust between them leading to an unsuccessful marriage. Trust breaks but the love doesn't. They both meet after ten years for their eldest daughter's marriage, the twin brothers come face to face after ten years and the youngest daughter sees her mother's face in real for the first time. A family reunion. Sweet right?? But not for long. Life starts throwing unexpected twists to their life forcing them to trust each other for survival. Can the "two" Trust each other after everything that had happened?? Love was deep inside them but what was on the surface was the broken trust. Can love build back a broken trust??.

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