A Handbook Of Fashion Management

A Handbook Of Fashion Management


Dr. Neha Miglani





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A handbook of fashion management The Indian context)this book is based on the fundamentals of fashion management. It gives a synoptic view of the Indian fashion scenario- genuinely succinct and valuable portions from the vast ocean of text on the fashion business. The prime purpose of this handbook is to give easy access to management knowledge to the students enrolled in fashion courses. The book comprises examples of fashion retailing and business from the Indian perspective, an important aspect missing in other books of this genre! The range of topics has been carefully selected and the text crafted according to the needs of Indian fashion management students across different universities, colleges and institutes. About the authors, the three writers of this book are undeniable authorities in their respective fields. Dr Neha Miglani, Prof. Sanjeev Sharma and Dr Prabhdip brar have immense experience in communication, management and fashion, respectively. A combination of their intellectual abilities has resulted in the creation of this handbook, which is easy to consume and refer to!

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