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Hermann Hesse once said “every age, every culture and tradition has its own character, its own strengths, its own weakness and its beauties and cruelties” who would we be if it weren’t for our customs, cultures and traditions. Anu, a young girl of Mumbai, felt the same way. She was born and raised in Mumbai, did her schooling in Delhi and college in the U.S. She had never understood what the customs and traditions of every religion was all about? She failed to recognize why most religions had such strict customs and why most people were orthodox and most modern. She gets into a fight with her husband on Diwali as why they should have the Diwali Pooja. They have a major argument and Anu leaves the house and goes lives with her parents. Her parents had warned her Rajesh’s customary beliefs and customs. Anu refuses to go back to her house and decides she needs a holiday to get away from everyone. During her journey, she bumps into one of her old school friends, Rahul. They catch up on old times and have a lot of fun together. Anu asks him to go on this journey with her. Things take an interesting turn on this journey. This is a story about Anu who takes this journey to understand the customs and traditions of every religion. She travels to places like Jammu and Kashmir, the U.S.A, Africa and many more.

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