The Forgotten Life

The Forgotten Life


Atul Purohit





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Have you ever been a part of that spectacular moment which changed your life or the life of someone around you? A moment that was lost in the forgotten lanes of the past? Write youth brings you a wonderful collection of forgotten stories that ought to be remembered. Life is a mire of uncertainty. The more we struggle, the more we get sucked into it. The beautiful memories along the way amalgamate with the turning tracks of our lives and are sometimes lost forever. We wish to overcome the problems we face in our paths to lead a happy and peaceful life, but destiny has something else planned for us. The best way is to face them head-on hoping that things will change for the good. Life will flourish again, and the Ray of hope will arrive brighter than ever. 'The forgotten life' Is a leap to bid farewell to hopelessness, to inspire You to meet new people, explore yourself with positivity and optimism as your guiding powers. We want you to shine again with full enthusiasm and be a bright flower in the world of wild roses. Contributors Surabhi Ghose | Dr. Palak Deshmukh | Akash rumade man VI Singh | Balasubramanian.M | Ravina Kaniyawala | Jaydeep Khot | Prativa Rathi | Sanjay bandooni | Esha sajjanhar | Payal Srivastava | Sharad Mishra | Devyani Balasra | Sri Sai Latha | Priya Vyas | Mukta Warbringer | Amit Rajpurohit.

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