When Arc Lights Fade Away

When Arc Lights Fade Away


Megha Gupta





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Book Description

Meera is from a middle-class family in Meerut. As a kid, she has always dreamt of becoming an actress and nothing else. After a rigorous struggle of three years in Mumbai, her dream came true when she got cast as the lead of a television show. Her show is an instant hit with highest TRP making her a household name within a few months. There is a twist in her fairy tale that not only threw her out of the industry but also ruined her career. With no godfather in the industry and no money, she was forced to choose one of the two options either to commit suicide or to work as a commoner. With support from her best friend and sister Misha, she chooses the latter. This story documents her journey to find her foothold as a commoner. She discovered that life is not about chasing your dreams, sometimes it could be about finding them. Br>'meera's story is relatable to people from all walks of life. Her story has a message that even in the darkest of times you will find a Ray of light if you are searching for.

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