Desired By The Devil

Desired By The Devil


Deeksha Pandey





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4000 mins

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Book Description

While trying to escape from the professed love of Satan, the most dreaded Bahubali of a state, Kaira ran into another powerful man, divide. Memorised by her captivating eyes, he only wanted to hide her in his embrace, saving her from all the Malevolence around her. In the shadow of Dividend love, Satya became a story of her past for Kaira but little did she know that some stories tend to repeat themselves with time. The fear and anguish which she thought she overcame, in all its might, ran through her, shivering yet fierce, gathering all her courage; she stood in front of him again nevertheless, this time, she wasn't alone, but when time unfolded, harsh truths, her beliefs of right and wrong quivered like a dead leaf of a branch. What conspired next is an intriguing saga of love, lust, shaking truth and faith.

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