Salt And Pepper

Salt And Pepper


Achal Mogla





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56 mins

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Book Description

Salt and Pepper is a collection of 7 thought-provoking short stories that attempt to touch the reader's heart. In today’s world, where time has become a scarcity and maintaining relationships is an art, the stories written here explore various emotions like sacrifice, love, hatred, and helplessness through their multiple characters in various forms. The feelings in the stories add a tinge of colours in numerous shades and add to the life recipe. This precisely a similar situation where just salt and Pepper, when added to food, change their taste altogether if in less or more. Sometimes the addition of both ingredients in the right proportions creates a perfect recipe, and if either one of them, salt or Pepper, is added in excess or fewer amounts can alter the taste of a recipe entirely. All the stories are bonded together where in the standard part are the range of emotions that are depicted, and the characters, while living out their lives daily, also go through the turmoil that their adventures bring along with them. The characters are complex, intriguing and yet beautiful in their way. A wife’s struggle and hard work for maintaining her pride and dignity intact.., a soldier’s sacrifice for his country and his family are coming to terms with that, a gift made by a young girl of her love without any conditions/strings attached, story of 2 people in love being United again by fate under different situations, misunderstanding between 2 people how it brings them closer to each other…..

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