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This book provides a confluence in which heterogeneous themes create an Azure sky with different fragrances. It combines young, innovative and creative minds with intellectual and hermeneutic maturities—winds blowing from all directions trying to soothe all types of appetite. The creativity enshrined in poems, short stories and plays represent the different aspects of life that prompt a reader to dive into reality and, at the same time, search out gems which give spiritual solace to the terrestrial grossness. The creativity of the writers telescopes the emerging complexities of worldly life, which try to bind them in a circle and mirror the starkest facts- hypocrisy, duality, brutality, lust, greed, love etc. Dr Shubhanku Kochar is teaching as an Assistant Professor at lady Irwin College (University of Delhi). His area of interest is African American literature. He has published several research papers in National and international journals and books. He is the author of well acknowledge novel everything will be all right. Dr Santosh Bahadur Singh teaches at lady Irwin College (University of Delhi). His name is recognised with several research papers published in National and international journals and a book, modalities of self in the poetry of Allen Ginsberg. His field of interest is poetry.

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