Friends Best Friends

Friends Best Friends


Dheerika Pandey





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164 mins

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Book Description

What would you do if life betrays you and fate is against you when you feel alone even in a crowd and have just one more chance to improve your present? A girl fighting against all odds in life, This book is a gripping account of a changing Phase in smriti's life. Smriti is a sixteen-year-old girl who lost her parents when she was ten. After the unfortunate death of her Grandpa, she moved to her new house in Gurgaon with her grandma and her elder brother Rahul. As she soon joined her new school, she realised that people were quite different from her previous school. She was bullied and insulted in front of everyone, which mentally destroyed her even more. But luck wasn't that bad with her as she had a few classmates who immensely supported her. Kartik, Inder, SIM, AMU, Asha, Sahib and Kaira made her believe in life and true friendship, uplifting her and encouraging her to have an optimistic view of life. But on the other hand, her elder brother Rahul became quite pessimistic and felt helpless. He found life unfair and cruel. Smriti tries to encourage him but fails miserably. On the other hand, smriti's deepest secret had been revealed to her friends. Will she let her fate go against her again, or will she fight against all odds and live happily? The story gives us all the answers.

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