Frozen Tears

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A highly intelligent serial killer is loose in the Metro city in India. His targets are unconnected people from different age groups, the only common element being that he gives his victims a painless death. Dev, a senior police officer who is assigned the case, is struck by the empathetic way in which the killer masterminds his horrific acts. His conventional ways of investigating the case lead nowhere. He is then joined by his daughter, Rudra, who is a psychiatrist and criminologist working for the London police Department. Rudra brings in her novel ways of investigation of getting into the killer mind and has her first breakthrough. As the case proceeds, Rudra is shocked to discover how crimes all over the world are driven by universal passions, and how, with the slight provocation, even seemingly innocent people can be driven to horrendous crimes. But what Rudra does not know is that the killer, who is always one step ahead of her, is much closer to home than she thinks. It takes a terrible tragedy to prove that to her. Join author advyth as he narrates this unique crime investigation thriller that is full of eye-opening insights on the human mind that will shock one and all.

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