A Rogue's Love Diary

A Rogue's Love Diary





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Staring at more than ten years of prison time for attempted manslaughter, Dr Chandran Ramachandran’s life was all but finished. At least, the victim and the witnesses were sure about that. They hoped that the monster would get beaten up by the prison inmates and die in there, like the street mongrel that he was. Chandru was doing himself no favours by choosing to remain silent in court. Awaiting his sentence, he reflected on the verses of Kahlil Gibran: “The river cannot go back. Nobody can go back. To go back is impossible in existence. ” The son of docile, orthodox, middle-class parents, and the grandson of a holy priest, Chandru did not lead the life that was expected of him, nor was he meant for the end that loomed large. Sixteen years ago, he was a University topper, a champion chess player, an expert swimmer, and a Bravery Award recipient. But all that had been frittered away in hurt, grief, anger, jealousy, and debauchery. A spurned love had turned him into a selfish, deceitful, immoral and ruthless rogue. He connived his way to money, success, sex, and a marriage, only to lose everything in his chosen path of self-destruction. But every loss is a harbinger of a gain, and Chandru was redeemed by the grace of the divine. Yet, the paths to redemption are seldom smooth. The demons from the past return to haunt Chandru. What if everything he had believed turned out to be lies? What if the truths that were buried are more dangerous than the lies that had ruined him? What if it all unravels? Will Chandru be able to save those who love him? Will Chandru unleash the rogue in him, one last time, for love? In the ending, will the beginning lie? Join the rogue in his incredible journey of love, guilt, deviousness, duplicity, and unbridled perversion as it unveils in the pages of his stolen diary – A Rogue’s Love Diary.

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