Off The Camera

Off The Camera


Brajesh Rajput





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Whatever a TV reporter shows on-screen", writes Brajesh Rajput, "is a very limited form of the real story". In his many years as a veteran journalist, Rajput has no doubt developed a good sense of the story: what is shown, and what is hidden. Those of us watching the news at home see only what is shown to us - the primetime anchor delivering her analysis, or the ground reporter giving his report from the frontlines of a momentous event. But as always, there is more to the world of media than meets the eyes... Shashi Tharoor Author & Parliamentarian Here is Brajesh Rajput once again, as a proficient author! Storytelling along with remarkable expressions. Brajesh's writing is a lively account of grief, joy, ups and downs of politics, and several incidents, that too, from an objective point of view - things which a TV reporter is unable to tell due to haste involved in covering news and reporting it. - Rasheed Kidwai Author and Political Analyst Whatever Brajesh Rajput writes is bound to contain certain characteristics - excellent readability, the art of engraving scenes and emotions through words, extreme sensitivity of capturing emotions along with detailed descriptions which has neither reduced nor worn out during decades of reporting. This fifth book by Brajesh brings us face to face with not only the incidents and news but also the truth behind them which is, otherwise, beyond the reach of the camera. - Rahul Dev Senior Journalist and Analyst

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