Tales Told by Mystics

Tales Told by Mystics


Manoj Das





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Tales Told by Mystics is a collection of Mystic tales retold by Manoj Das. A significant branch of India's vast literary heritage consists of tales told by mistake through the ages, different from myths and legends. Though taken for granted as a part of our folklore and rarely discussed, their influence on the minds of generations of common people has been only next to that of the epics. Sometimes they hit the nail on the head, sometimes they shock and sometimes they make one laugh at oneself, but they invariably in enrich one's mind by identifying the complex and intriguing forces psychological and occult, at work in our lives. This collection probably the first ever of its kind of a full 100 tales called from sages is known and unknown through decades of a sustained interest by its present author, should prove as revealing as they have proved for centuries past.

Manoj Das
sahitya akademi
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