From Hampi to Harappa

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"From Hampi to Harappa" is considered among the top ten Telugu autobiographies of the twentieth century. Ramachandra's honesty, self-reflection, and the conflict between his traditional Vaishnava beliefs and modern education make this book remarkable. During the nationalist struggle, he was attracted to extremist ideas but found his own path again through personal struggles. It's astonishing that someone who was a great scholar in Sanskrit, Telugu, Kannada, and Prakrit, had to experience hunger and travel across India to find work to feed himself in the 1930s and 40s. The book is filled with unbelievable incidents, such as his mentor Veturi Prabhakara Sastry experiencing extreme hunger while the author survived on very little food. Similarly, he survived on Ganga water for almost a month while waiting in Kanpur for a conman who had promised a business partnership. He did a variety of jobs, including working as a cataloguer in manuscript libraries, a hotel worker, and a Havaldar clerk in the military, before finally settling in a newspaper. Through his experiences, Ramachandra provides us with glimpses of the civilizations around Hampi and Harappa and insights into modern India during the Independence Movement.

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