Capacity Building Technology Myths

Capacity Building Technology Myths


Dr. Sanjay Rout





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Capacity Building Technology Myths, written by Dr. Sanjay Rout and published in 2020, is an essential resource for those looking to understand the current landscape of technology-driven capacity building initiatives. The book examines how myths about technology can lead organizations astray when it comes to developing their digital capabilities and provides a comprehensive overview of the various approaches available for leveraging existing infrastructure and resources to build organizational capacity through new technologies. The book begins with a discussion on why many organizations struggle with implementing effective technological solutions despite having access to cutting-edge tools such as cloud computing or artificial intelligence (AI). It then dives into the different types of capacity building activities that are necessary in order for an organization’s digital transformation efforts to be successful, including software engineering best practices; data science techniques; user experience design principles; security protocols; project management strategies; and more. In addition, Capacity Building Technology Myths explores several key topics related directly or indirectly connected with these activities such as ethical considerations around AI development processes, corporate culture shifts needed during times of rapid technological change, open source versus proprietary software decisions among others which will help readers make informed decisions regarding their own projects moving forward.. Finally Dr Sanjay provides actionable advice on how individuals can navigate this complex environment while still achieving success in terms of both short term goals like meeting customer demands quickly while also laying out long term plans focused on sustainable growth within their respective industries over time . This is done through case studies from some well known companies who have successfully implemented technologically driven initiatives along side practical tips that are easy enough even beginners can follow without any prior tech knowledge . As one reads throughout this informative work , they will gain valuable insights into what works best when attempting large scale changes within organisations using modern day technologies .