Digital Drugs

Digital Drugs


Dr. Sanjay Rout





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Book Description

Digital Drugs is a book written by Dr Sajay Rout, one of the most renowned researchers in the field of psychopharmacology and neuroscience. The book explores how technology has changed our understanding and use of psychoactive drugs, from LSD to MDMA to marijuana and beyond. Through his research, Dr. Sanjay discusses how these substances can be used as tools for personal growth or self-exploration rather than simply recreational substances with no real benefit other than getting high or feeling good temporarily. He provides an insightful look into their potential therapeutic uses while also exploring the risks associated with them when they are abused or misused without proper medical supervision or education about their effects on the body and mind alike .The main focus throughout Digital Drugs is that technology should be seen as a tool rather than something inherently bad; it can help us understand ourselves better if we approach it responsibly instead of blindly following trends without any thought for what could happen in terms of addiction, mental health issues, etc., that may arise from its misuse . Additionally ,Dr .Sanjay emphasizes that there are many positive aspects to using digital drugs such as increased creativity , improved concentration , enhanced relaxation states ,and more which make them worth considering under certain circumstances if done so safely . In conclusion Digital Drugs provides readers with an interesting perspective on psychoactive drug use through its exploration into both traditional analog forms like LSD but also newer “digital” forms like MDMA (ecstasy) which have become popularized over recent decades due to technological advances making access easier then ever before ; all while emphasizing caution when approaching either type due to potential dangers associated with misuse including physical harm caused by overdose/overuse alongside long term psychological damage caused by irresponsible experimentation without proper guidance /education beforehand regarding safety measures & correct usage techniques .