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Andar Ka School





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In this fast paced world of ours, everyday life is a blur for many of us. We rarely stop to think, but Dr Manohar Agnani’ s book ‘Andar Ka School’ takes us back to the practice of valuing, cherishing and thinking about daily incidents; which has the power of transforming an ordinary incident into an extra ordinary and memorable lesson for life. As a master story teller he manages to keep the curiosity in us at the utmost level till the last paragraph of the story and then gives his frank opinion. And at times tells us the stark truth which many may not have the courage to put into words in public. The gender lens with which he very boldly examines himself, others and the society, gives an altogether different endearing flavour and makes the stories much more interesting and poignant Each story comes with its own characteristics and unique style but all of them have a winning combination of simplicity, curiosity and emotional appeal which make these stories super-readable. I was quite surprised to see my millennial friends reading, reciting and discussing the stories. The size of the stories is such that you hardly need 5-10 minutes to read one but then it leaves you with many thoughts and much emotion which keep lingering and coming back to you long after you have finished the book. These are the stories one would very much like to read time and again; simple and succinct; short yet very comprehensible, everyday but very touching… Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences. Eagerly awaiting the next book BY Mona

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