Proud Convicts Of Love

Proud Convicts Of Love


Pankaj Subeer





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Pankaj Subeer is well known for his writings on unique subjects and his mesmerizing extraordinary ways of storytelling. He is a novelist, short story writer and an editor of two magazines. He has written three novels, eight short story books and his writings have appeared in many magazines, daily newspapers and books. In his writings, he depicts social injustice, ugliness and discrimination in the society, and hope through love. His one novel ''Akaal mein utsav'' is on farmer's problems. Another novel 'Yeh woh sehar to nahin' is written on those historical characters which had been forgotten and forbidden by the time. In his short stories, he has succeeded in riveting the reader's attention towards his characters with different, very engrossing, styles of writings in Indian literature. He has won numerous national and international awards for his contribution to literature. ''Proud convicts of love'' is a translation of his very popular Hindi novel ''Jinhe jurm e ishq par naaz tha.'' Rachana Tyagi has translated this novel. The novel was published in 2019 by Shiva publications and was sold out very quickly and its second edition was also published in 2019.Third and fourth editions came out in 2020 and fifth edition in 2021. Although all his books have been very popular, this novel has broken all records and is his best creation to date. ''Proud convicts of love'' is a beautiful journey of five thousand years of civilizations portraying the role religion played in shaping and dividing societies and nation building based on unfounded and selfish interpretations of religious teachings. In this novel Pankaj Subeer has been successful in bringing forward a new ideology of love, faith and belief. I'm confident that this English translation will enthrall the readers as much as the Hindi version continues to do till this day!. -Sudha Om Dhingra, USA

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