The Unboy Boy

The Unboy Boy


Richa Jha





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80 mins

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Book Description

Young Gagan is at ease being what he is: quiet, gentle, sensitive, and an animal and book lover. But his family and friends think of him as being not boy enough, and want to make him more boy-like. Gagan, however, has enough tricks up his sleeve to show the world that there are no boy-boys or unboy-boys. Just boys. And just girls. Gender stereotyping has strong under currents in the social fabric of India and in many cultures around the world. Richa Jha tackles this difficult subject with unburdened simplicity and lightness of tone. Gautam Benegal brings the characters to life with sensitivity and electrifying dynamism. His gentle and endearing water colours match the mood and pace of the story, making it an unforgettable read.

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