The Manic Panic

The Manic Panic


Richa Jha





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64 mins

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Book Description

Mom and Dad completely lose the plot the day the Wifi stops working in the house. In a role reversal of sorts, it's up to little Shivi to get her bored and tantrum-throwing parents to see that there is a perfectly wonderful life to be enjoyed beyond their screen craze. Mithila Ananth's zany, whimsical digital illustrations with a minimal neat colour palette and a touch of quiet humour throw into sharp focus Richa Jha's funny story done as a second person narrative. Together, they draw the reader right into the centre of this book's relatable universe.

Richa Jha
Mithila Ananth
Picture book for children
Children's book
family humor
Role reversal
screen addiction
Wi-Fi problems
Funny story telling
parenting challanges
digital illustrations

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