Thatha at School

Thatha at School


Richa Jha





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Book Description

It is Grandparents Day at school, and everyone is excited. Not little Oviyam, who is embarrassed at the thought of her schoolmates seeing her grandfather Thatha in a dhoti, a traditional wrap-around lower. She tries her best to convince him to skip the event but he insists on attending. Will Oviyam rise above her insecurities and own up to her dhoti-wearing Thatha in front of everyone? Richa Jha's light, breezy words, along with Gautam Benegal's soft playful colour palettes and vividly illustrated frames help the reader both empathise with Oviyam's fears and strongly hope for her baseless insecurities to rid her troubled mind.

Richa Jha
Gautam Benegal
children's literature
picture book
grandparents day
Thatha in dhoti
child insecurities
overcoming fears
children's picture book

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