My Upside Down World

My Upside Down World


Ken Spillman





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64 mins

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Book Description

Big brothers are mean. Big brothers spell trouble. And Big Brothers are not to be trusted, especially if they turn your world upside down. That�s what the protagonist discovers one morning upon waking up. The book�s parallel worlds with their upside-downness and downside-upness weave a fantastic, troubled, creased co-existence, both exasperating and reassuring. Nothing is what it seems like. Read it as a quirky story of squabbling siblings or of something more global, more sinister; each page leaves us peeling multiple layers, especially in a world turned upside down by the pandemic. Ken Spillman adroitly plays around with words and situations both believable and unbelievable, while Silvana Giraldo spins a splendidly broken-but-beautiful world to bring alive a somewhat Orwellian dystopia into this picture book.

Richa Jha
Ken Spillman
Silvana Giraldo
sibling rivalary
Fantastic and truobled co-existence
picture book with multiple layer
big brother
mean big brother
quirky story
untrustworthy big brither
parellel world

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