Love Like That

Love Like That


Richa Jha





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64 mins

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Book Description

Little Kroo and Mamma Hop travel to different natural habitats around the world where Kroo is fascinated by new ways of parent-young one bonding. But why doesn't his Mamma love him like that? What will get him to believe what she always says - that she may not love him like that, but she loves him the most in this world? In this simple, elegantly told story, Richa Jha touches upon the one existential doubt every child's mind faces at one point or another. The gentle pace of the book is in sharp contrast to the sheer scale of globe-trotting that the Mamma-baby duo are engaged in. Lyrical prose, a lilting assuring refrain, and adorable animals make this book a perfect bedtime read. Gautam Benegal brings to life the landscapes with his magic brush strokes, each transporting the reader thousands of miles away to the real world of animals in their beautiful habitats.

Richa Jha
Gautam Benegal
bed time story
picture book
children book
parent child bonding
natural habitats
travel with kids
Little Kroo
Mamma Hop
existential doubts

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