Aai and I

Aai and I


Mamta Nainy





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64 mins

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Book Description

Aadya looks just like her mother (Aai)�same little nose, same delicate ears, same big eyes and identical thick, long hair. But one day, Aai goes away to a big hospital with a promise to return before Aadya learns her next Math lesson. The long-awaited return shocks Aadya because now her mother looks completely unlike her. She wonders if Aai will ever greet her with her usual, cheery, �Hello! Mini-me.� Or will Aadya have to take matters into her own hands just to hear that again? With lyrical prose and a tender touch, Aai and I is an empowering story of the bond between a mother and a daughter, and of the little one finding her own identity as she finds herself no longer 'looking' the same as her mother. Mamta Nainy captures Elan Aadya�s innocence, impatience and dilemma, and Sanket Pethkar�s vibrant, gorgeous artwork brings to life the nuanced see-saw of the child�s emotions in this Maharashtrian household.

Richa Jha
Mamta Nainy
children's picture book
Mother-daughter bond
Maharashtrian household
children's book
Impatience and dilemma
family relationship
sanket pethkar artwork
see-saw of child emotions
finding oneself
award winning children's book
Indian children's book

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