Road Trip: Ahmedabad to Asha Guest House

Road Trip: Ahmedabad to Asha Guest House


Meghasi Bhatt





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Manini is busy with her routine life when her cousin Reema asks her to accompany her on a road trip from their hometown Ahmedabad to Manali. Manini accepts her cousin’s invitation, looking forward to a break from her daily routine. She also invites two of her friends Viha and Khushi to join them. The four women embark on their road trip, unfamiliar with each other, unknown to the many adventures awaiting them. However, differences crop up between Reema and Khushi as soon as they lay eyes on each other, both being very different personalities. Moreover, all four women are struggling with significant personal issues and troubles which they initially try to conceal from the others. Will they be able to have a fruitful and enjoyable vacation? Will all four women manage to overcome their personal difficulties and find contentment and happiness? With the emotional baggage they are carrying with them, stop them from opening up their hearts to new experiences, new friends and new lives?

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