The Tiger King: The Bagheera Chronicles

The Tiger King: The Bagheera Chronicles


Rahul Balaji





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424 mins

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Book Description

“Your Majesty, the occurrence of true love is rare, and that is why it is so powerful.” An ancient curse forces the eighteen-year-old Rajput Prince Vanraj Sisodia to live the life of a Bagheera — an infamous shape-shifter that transforms into a tiger under the full moon. His life of luxury is thrown off-course, and he must cope with this curse and the burdens of a not so regular life of a prince. His family bears the brunt of the curse, when he loses his parents in a horrific accident. With only his grandmother, beside him, and a sister who blames him for all that they have lost, he leads a reclusive life, hating himself. His miserable existence takes a magical turn when he meets the beautiful and vivacious Lasya — a teenage witch. Connecting with others has never been easy for the young prince, but Lasya's mysterious charm is more than he can resist. He doesn't want to trust her, considering the fact that a witch was responsible for his curse. True Love is the last thing that Vanraj wants in his life, and yet, True Love is the only thing that can save him.

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