MBA: May The Boom Be Avoided

MBA: May The Boom Be Avoided


Pratyush Bhatt





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“Undergraduate degree isn’t enough for good employment, existential crisis is killing me, I lack funds for my start-up plans, my job sucks…DAMN IT!” These are some of the very common and natural concerns among the youths. However, if you too are considering an MBA to overcome any of them, you might want to know everything about the career decision that will create a huge impact in your life. Needless to say, it will demand considerable time and effort to get aware of its ins & outs with a guarantee of authenticity. It is indeed loads of work, but there is nothing to worry about. Why so? Because this book takes care of all of it. It reveals almost every detail about the Indian MBA scenario through insights from some of the most prominent management professionals in this country. Motivated by millions of youths facing the challenges of massive unemployment and personal crisis even after an MBA, this book is a one-stop-shop for all your concerns spanning across:- •job market •packages •work-life balance •entrepreneurship prospects •education •Solution •and much more... 'Hold on. Everything seems straightforward except 'Solution.' What is it?' This book goes beyond sharing the rarely known reality to its readers. Once you're done with the read, be it any career choice you make (even if an MBA), you'll be much clear about your final decision than you might have ever clear that you will hold no regrets for it, and that too, forever. Sounds like an unrealistic commitment? Try giving it a shot as the Solution has already been proven to work for many! P.S. It isn't the typical 'follow your passion' or 'chase your dreams.'

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