Call Him By Any Name

Call Him By Any Name





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The book is a short story of an uprooted boy who grows up to be a man in a new India, where his parents have migrated. To his folks, it is a new habitat. The problems of the family are heavily overshadowed by a newly independent India. By actively participating in the new dream of the country, they are able to carve out a place for themselves. As the kid grows, he gains education in different schools. Then he finishes college in a premier institute of India with an opportunity to study further in the US. How and with what mindset does he utilise his time in the US to understand how the Americans have developed their system to such an efficient level, always giving way to a better and progressive way of doing things? The goal is to excel in every chosen endeavour. An attempt is made to find the secret of this system in every human effort which is providing to its citizens the highest standard of living in the whole world.

life of a boy
life in USA
coming of age

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