Let The Heart Lead

Let The Heart Lead


Priyal Bansal





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Book Description

“There is mindfulness inside you; all it takes is a little exploring.”- Priyal Bansal Forgetting the hustle-bustle of the regular world, let’s dive inside a deeper realm that has so many intriguing mysteries to offer. Our heart has a lot to teach us. This book will open your mind towards the untravelled purpose, the undetected significance and the unexplored value which lies within us and around us. LET THE HEART LEAD has everything it takes to make you acknowledge the spirituality that resides in all of our hearts. From “Self Ishq” to “Spirituality”, from Spirit Animals to Resonance and from soul mates to twin flames, this book has it all. So get ready to dive deep within yourself and the universe within the book talking about concepts that feel like pure magic.

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