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India is an abode of writers, publishers, and multiple languages; also, India is the seventh-largest book publishing country in the world. In India, there are more than 19000 publishers. Even though the Indian publishing sector has a lot to serve to authors, they still know that there is a major gap, and due to that, everyone is facing major issues. Digitization has brought a big change in readers’ habits due to a major shift in the practices of how they publish books. 

There are problems faced by everyone when it comes to books. Still, the solution is not yet provided. Even if the answer is available, the authors and the publishing industry are not ready to adapt to that ecosystem at the earliest. But to cope with current market trends, they are trying to sink into the local market. Here in this blog, we are talking about us! Let’s look closely at Rachnaye- A ecosystem for readers, publishers, and authors. 

Let’s have a quick look at the problems faced by Publishers as well as Authors:

  1. Piracy is a threat to both publishers as well as authors. Due to which their sales get affected.
  2. Audio Books are rising daily, due to which few authors who cannot cope are lacking behind a chunk of the audience.
  3.  The lack of infrastructure in distribution makes it difficult for publishers to cope with the recent local market trends.
  4. Giant publishing houses are acquiring small publishing houses, which don’t get a chance to showcase themselves individually. 
  5. Language is a barrier as many scripts are lost, and because of that, regional publishing houses and authors don’t get a chance to publish them on the right platform to reach their target audience. 

Lack of an excellent system to carry out the distribution process.

What does Rachnaye have for you?

Rachnaye provides you with innovative publishing and a reading ecosystem. Rachnaye gives you many amenities, such as Digital marketing for all the books and audiobooks you publish there, offering an option for narration; translating has now become an easy task with us. 

A mobile application with everything in one place, from payouts to control over prices, everything in just a few clicks. This allows a publisher to keep track of every minute detail. If you love reading or publishing books in your regional language, then you landed correctly; we also have Vernacular Mobile Application that allows you to read and publish books in your language! 

Platforms like this are necessary for regional and English writers and readers to find everything in one place with a properly integrated system. It helps fill the gap between everything a proper distribution channel is built up to reach the correct target audience through digital means. 

Are you an author or a publisher looking for a better ecosystem? What are you waiting for? Connect with us, be a part of Rachnaye and start your journey of books.

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