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This captivating novel tells the story of a clash between adivasis, naxalites, the CRPF, and a mining company. At the center of the story is a young boy named Oonga who is determined to watch a performance of ‘Sitaharan’. In pursuit of his dream, he embarks on an epic journey to the city and returns to his village as the blue adivasi prince of the forest, Rama himself! Along the way, he confronts the gun-wielding demons who have invaded his village. The book highlights the real-life incidents that inspired the story and exposes the negative consequences of so-called 'development'. It also delves into the conflict of ideologies and how language can create divisions between people. Ultimately, the book shows how peaceful people can become victims of violence and are forced into battles they don’t want to fight.

Neev book Award
Yatha Katha International Film & Literature Festival
Best Fiction Award
real-life incidents
Devashish Makhija

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