Online Encounters and more 12 Teenage Stories

Online Encounters and more 12 Teenage Stories





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Komal is shocked to learn that her parents, as youngsters, had exchanged letters before they had met each other. Then why is her mother dead against her seeing a person she had met online? Much against her wishes, Minu is all set to be a child bride, not if the bicycle brigade can help it. The girls set an example in the village for the others to follow. Bullied by Dhruv, Varun's life becomes miserable, so much so, he is ready to leave the school. What does Amit do to help both the boys? Can a shy and reticent boy like Sukhi become the centre of students' unrest and be ready to sacrifice his life? But wait...! There's someone who is keeping him out of harm's way? Who is it? And, is the person safe? These are some of the myriad themes depicted in this bunch of teenage stories.

Young Adult
Dipavali Sen
Parag Honour Book 2023
PHL 2023
Children's Book Trust
short stories
short story for teenage
Ajanta Guhathakurta

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