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‘KALKI’ is a fictional action thriller with a social message. It is basically a tug of war between two famous writers for the number one position. It also has a feel-good love story between a writer from Kolkata and a classical dance teacher from Varanasi. The beauty of Varanasi and the holy Ganga arthi is presented in a splendid manner. Dev, the main lead character, writes a story based on lord Vishnu’s final avatar, ‘Kalki’ Mysteriously, the fiction he writes becomes reality in his life and gets him stuck in a lot of problems. How he deals with them, gives a message to the society and finds his love by crossing all the huddles is what is the story. This is author Anup Jetty’s second novel. His debut novel, “Howrah Bridge’ is a best seller, and received huge appreciation from readers all over India. It is placed in various oldest and biggest public libraries across India. He received Indian golden award 2022 for the same. Taking a one-year gap after his first novel, he designed this masterpiece.

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