Case No. 107

Case No. 107


Pranjal Verma





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Book Description

August 11. Divyanagar. The Crime Bureau is rocked with a chilling double murder. Detective Hina and her team of sleuths are on the case. The case is held up by one single question: how were the murders carried out? The detectives turn to science for an answer, the forensic duo of the crime Bureau, Dr. Swaraj and Dr. Niharika. As the case proceeds, what seems like a simple double homicide, has in fact strong eddies bringing the team face to face with powerful shadows and their host of deadly minions. The case goes past the status of a simple coincidence when another report of a double homicide with the modus operandi pops up, the victims, two assuming college pass outs employed by the AVP call centre. The hysterical interrogation of the parents and mounting criticism on the crime bureau’s inefficacy only convolutes the case further rather than solving it. Detective Hina and her team realise that they are now in a race against time to catch their criminal. The perfect killer. The four murders seem to be connected. In the ongoing investigation, the Crime Unit arrests 2 men who turn the entire case on its heels, they are none other than the Bishops, the deadliest gun for hires. The crime bureau thinks they have their perpetrators, everything was going well until they hear a name that never appeared in the picture. Who is it? Would they be able to find the criminal?

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